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The Absurdity of Arbitrary Deadlines

Deadlines can be tough for some people — especially if they are arbitrary. Learn from these examples to not get so stressed!

8 Signs You’re Being Passive-Aggressive

We've all come across passive-aggressive behavior at some point — from the friend who compliments your “starter home” to the coworker who checks his phone while you’re talking. But while it's easy to spot when it's happening to us, it's not...

How to Cope With Sad Sundays

It's no secret that Sunday night might be the saddest time of the week. Sure, we've tried to reclaim it (making it "Funday") but, more often than not, feelings of dread, anxiety, and loneliness creep up as Monday looms nearer. But turning Sunday...

5 Weddings You Don't Have to Attend — and How to Decline Gracefully

Wedding season is almost upon us. Depending on your life stage, you might receive anywhere from a couple to a dozen wedding invites this year, and saying yes to all of them just isn't feasible. "In addition to making sure you have the appropriate...

6 Successful Women Share Their Morning Routines

What does your morning look like? Maybe it’s a whirlwind of showers, outfit changes, and lunchboxes as you get yourself and your little ones prepared for the day. Perhaps you start off on a soothing note — meditation, yoga, and tea. Or are you...

3 Rules for Saying Thank You After a Job Interview

Many job candidates tend to forget that the interview doesn't actually end when you leave the office. Instead, the interview is only completed after you send a thank-you letter. Surprisingly, a large number of job candidates still overlook the...

10 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Big Event

Follow these steps and daily practices to stay present and truly show up for your next big professional challenge.

How to Stop Being Indecisive

As I've gotten older, I've somehow become less capable of making a decision — or at least feeling confident while doing so. From pressing matters like a job offer to trivial choices (What should I have for dinner?), making a decision sometimes...

How to Use Technology to Get Happier

What makes you happy? My hunch is that technology was not the first answer to pop into your head. Perpetual notifications and an ever-full inbox constantly nag for our attention. Rampant misuse of technology hurts our bodies and minds. And no...