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You're Stock-Savvy, After All

Are you managing your investments, or merely hoping your portfolio manager/father/husband/boyfriend has your best interests in mind? Turns out, you might be the best one for the job.   Several studies have shown than women are consistently better...

Recession Strategy: Take a Long Trip

Today's guest post is courtesy of DailyWorth reader Roxane Williams. My partner and I decided that 2009 would be a year for change. For years he's wanted to do an 800 mile hike in New Zealand. I've always wanted to take a year off. But, take a...

5 Ways to Grow Your 401k

It sure is hard to have faith in your 401k. It seems pointless to keep putting money into it every month when the total balance goes down. Plus it seems hopeless that you will ever have enough to retire. While the temptation is to stop...

Is It Time to Invest Again?

I have read some articles these last few weeks that have made me stop and think a bit more than usual about when we should start investing.  This past weekend, an article in the NY Times "Even for Market Veterans, It's Uncharted Territory" mostly...