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Should I be worried about another stock market crash?

Our financial advisor responds to your most frequently asked questions

How do you invest your money?

Our financial advisor responds to your most frequently asked questions

Mutual Funds vs. ETFs: Which Should You Invest In?

Whether you’re a novice investor, or a seasoned stock picker, chances are you’ve wondered: “Which are better, mutual funds or ETFs?”

Is it Better to be Paid in Shares or Cash?

I'm interested in better understanding employee stock options. What does it mean to "pay out in shares" instead of to "pay out in cash"? Also, can you explain in layman's terms what "equity compensation grants" are? Thanks! Lea, Ann Arbor, MI...

What Kind of Investor Are You?

Are you bearish or bullish? Risk-taker or risk-averse? Take our customized quiz, developed exclusively with our in-house financial advisor, to learn more about your investing style and find out what long-term strategy is best for you. Go.

The Dow is Soaring -- Time to Dive In?

It's not too late to get into the market. But where you put your money matters.

What are Bitcoins—and Should You Get Them?

You may have heard about bitcoins. The internet is abuzz these days with tweets and articles about the digital currency that’s been around since 2009, but has lately soared to record-high prices. Bitcoin is a decentralized and anonymous way to...

Investments That Make The World Better

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is one way to feel good while doing good, for the world as well as your pocketbook. But trying to define SRI companies isn’t black-and-white. Some investors value how “green” the company is more than diversity...

Pick Trends With Staying Power

How do you invest wisely in trends—without becoming a trend-hopping investor? “It’s tricky,” says LouAnn Lofton, Motley Fool contributor and author of “Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl.” “You can’t get caught up in the hype.” Last year people...

Reclaiming “Wealth”

A few times a year, I have the honor of teaching a personal finance seminar at my alma mater, Barnard College, in Manhattan. The class is called “Preparing for Life After College,” and it’s aimed at juniors and seniors. When I walk into the...