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Loans and Marriage: 4 Smart Debt Moves for Couples About to Wed

Before you say your vows, discuss these four key financial situations with your soon-to-be spouse.

3 Rules for Saying Thank You After a Job Interview

Many job candidates tend to forget that the interview doesn't actually end when you leave the office. Instead, the interview is only completed after you send a thank-you letter. Surprisingly, a large number of job candidates still overlook the...

This Is What Happened When I Changed My Name

Last summer when I got married, I decided not just to change my life, but also to change my name. “New era, new identity!” I said. The problem is, I can’t seem to get comfortable with this person whose name is on all my credit cards. I’ve never...

How to Stop Being Indecisive

As I've gotten older, I've somehow become less capable of making a decision — or at least feeling confident while doing so. From pressing matters like a job offer to trivial choices (What should I have for dinner?), making a decision sometimes...

To Settle or to Litigate? How the Divorcing Woman Should Decide

Divorce can be dramatic enough already. Find out if you should litigate and file a lawsuit or opt to simply settle.

Divorce Doesn’t Mean Failure

Just because your marriage is over doesn’t mean you’ve failed some how. Find out why your divorce doesn’t equal failure.

How to Use Technology to Get Happier

What makes you happy? My hunch is that technology was not the first answer to pop into your head. Perpetual notifications and an ever-full inbox constantly nag for our attention. Rampant misuse of technology hurts our bodies and minds. And no...

4 Ways to Beat Work Stress

Most of us are running hard, performing miraculous juggling acts. Every second of every day, we all try to squeeze out more, to get everything done, and try to have a little down time, too. But I didn’t really stop to think about what I’m doing...

3 Steps to Getting Paid To Do What You Love

Find out how you can start getting paid to do what you love with three easy steps!

What I Learned From a Professional Bridesmaid

Last summer, Jen Glantz posted a now-famous Craigslist post advertising her services as a professional bridesmaid after being asked to be a bridesmaid in a staggering number of weddings. When her inbox flooded with responses, Glantz decided to...