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Women’s “Careers” On The Bachelor Are a Sad Joke

I have a secret. And I’m not particularly proud of it. I love The Bachelor. Not like I occasionally tune in when there’s nothing else to watch. No. I watch it religiously and even read the infamous spoiler blog for the inside scoop. It’s a total...

How Birth Order Predicts Your Success

Thank (or blame) your parents for more than your eye color or double-jointed elbows. Psychologists pretty much agree that our birth order has a huge influence on our personalities, according to the Child Development Institute. We consulted...

11 Famous Women on Not Getting Married

On Valentine’s Day, it can seem like love takes only one form: the trifecta of chocolate, roses, and marriage — making it the perfect day for DailyWorth to highlight famous women who’ve bucked that trend. From Mindy Kaling to Oprah Winfrey, here...

How to Create Equality in Your Relationship

Sure, we like flowers and jewelry just fine, but you know what would be really romantic this Valentine’s Day? A truly equal partnership. You know, where each person does his or her fair share of housework and parenting duties, and receives the...

Who Pays For What Traditionally in a Wedding

We're way past the age where we have to stick to certain outdated rules when it comes to weddings, such as the bride's parents footing the bill for most of the whole wedding. This tradition stems from the times when parents had to include a dowry...

I Don’t Want to Get Married — But I Might

I once knew a girl in college who started a binder of fantasy wedding clippings when she was 8 years old. This perplexed me. I grew up in a household with happily married parents who never pushed romantic ideals upon their three girls. In fact,...

I Don’t Budget and Neither Should You

Reduce your budgeting worries in five simple steps.

3 Ways to Quit Your Busyness Without Delegation

Take control of your busy schedule with the help of these three tips!

How To Protect Gifts And Inheritances In Divorce

How your property is divided in your divorce will depend upon whether your assets were acquired as gifts, inheritance or by someone’s will.

The Surprise Costs of Getting Pregnant

With all the talk about how expensive it is to have a kid ($241,080 for the average U.S. family), many women don’t realize how much simply getting pregnant in the first place can affect your bottom line. “We think this is supposed to be the cheap...