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3 Ways to Quit Your Busyness Without Delegation

Take control of your busy schedule with the help of these three tips!

How To Protect Gifts And Inheritances In Divorce

How your property is divided in your divorce will depend upon whether your assets were acquired as gifts, inheritance or by someone’s will.

The Surprise Costs of Getting Pregnant

With all the talk about how expensive it is to have a kid ($241,080 for the average U.S. family), many women don’t realize how much simply getting pregnant in the first place can affect your bottom line. “We think this is supposed to be the cheap...

When a Feminist Dates a Rich Guy...

When you’re used to paying your own way, sharing your life with a man in the 1 percent can be a challenge. For the better part of last year, I dated a man in a much higher socioeconomic class. And though I didn’t expect him to pay my way,...

Why It’s Cool to Invest in Girls

Learn what it really means to invest in girls, including why it matters and what’s coming.

How Focusing on Your Divorce Settlement Makes You a Better Mom

Divorce puts a strain on more than your finances — it can also challenge your relationship with your children.

Do You Have Money Anxiety Disorder?

Learn how to cope with money stress before it takes a toll on your daily life

6 Habits to Make You Happier

Perhaps we’re thinking about happiness in the wrong way. It’s an attitude, yes, and some of us are genetically happier people, but it’s also a byproduct of very specific habits we do consciously or subconsciously throughout our lives. And while...

Why I Never Wanted Kids

I’ve never wanted kids. I like to joke that I am “more of a dog person,” but when it comes to children the truth is plain and simple: I just don’t want them. And I never have. I don’t judge those who have one or two or three mini-thems. I don’t...

'The Real Housewives' Aren't Housewives

Nearly 10 years after the Real Housewives franchise debuted on Bravo, it’s pretty safe to say that the “housewives” are not housewives. These ladies work. Brandi Glanville is a New York Times best-selling author. Vicki Gunvalson is the founder...