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6 Habits to Make You Happier

Perhaps we’re thinking about happiness in the wrong way. It’s an attitude, yes, and some of us are genetically happier people, but it’s also a byproduct of very specific habits we do consciously or subconsciously throughout our lives. And while...

Why I Never Wanted Kids

I’ve never wanted kids. I like to joke that I am “more of a dog person,” but when it comes to children the truth is plain and simple: I just don’t want them. And I never have. I don’t judge those who have one or two or three mini-thems. I don’t...

'The Real Housewives' Aren't Housewives

Nearly 10 years after the Real Housewives franchise debuted on Bravo, it’s pretty safe to say that the “housewives” are not housewives. These ladies work. Brandi Glanville is a New York Times best-selling author. Vicki Gunvalson is the founder...

5 Steps for a Financially Successful Divorce

Secure your financial future by taking the right steps now

How to Save Money by Eating Well

Healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank.

First Financial Steps for the Newly Single

My general rule to the newly single is to never make irreversible financial decisions during the first year after a divorce.  But shortly after my own divorce was final, I put my house on the market and traded in my SUV for a more economical...

The Simple Trick to Raising Responsible Children

And giving yourself a break at the same time ... need we say more?

20 Iconic Women on Power

Women with power is a relatively new concept — if you’re taking into account thousands upon thousands of years of international history. Having the resources, influence, and autonomy to be textbook “powerful” is the trifecta most women...

Be a Better Long-Distance Friend

Whether your childhood BFF settled across the country or a once-local pal recently switched jobs (and cities), you likely have more than a few long-distance friends. And while most of us have the best intentions to catch up regularly, life can...

Divorcing Women: Reject These Two Societal Messages

Getting ready to file for divorce? Don’t let these two societal messages discourage you!