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The Simple Trick to Raising Responsible Children

And giving yourself a break at the same time ... need we say more?

20 Iconic Women on Power

Women with power is a relatively new concept — if you’re taking into account thousands upon thousands of years of international history. Having the resources, influence, and autonomy to be textbook “powerful” is the trifecta most women...

Be a Better Long-Distance Friend

Whether your childhood BFF settled across the country or a once-local pal recently switched jobs (and cities), you likely have more than a few long-distance friends. And while most of us have the best intentions to catch up regularly, life can...

Divorcing Women: Reject These Two Societal Messages

Getting ready to file for divorce? Don’t let these two societal messages discourage you!

Why Women Don’t Want a Female Boss

Women are the worst. To each other. Maybe you instantly know what I’m talking about. Or maybe the suggestion that women aren’t one big supportive sorority gets your feminist juices flowing. Regardless, woman-to-woman abuse is one way we continue...

19 Prints to Lighten Up Your Office

We’ve become a motivation-obsessed world, with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest brimming with can-do quotes and quasi-inspiring idioms (yes, we’re guilty too). But some days not even a cat telling you to hang in there will do. And that’s when...

How to Survive Career Change Being Single and 30-Something

Are you feeling the pressure of being single and career-driven? Stephanie Licata recommends “Otherhood” to all the chics looking positive career change and life insights.

The Impossibility of Being a “Good Mom”

I recently wrote about how I am often taken less seriously as a professional once it’s established I’m a mom. (Even though my parental status has no bearing on my business prowess.) Here’s what I learned from the reaction: I’m also being judged...

7 Motivational Books That Aren't Cheesy

Who says books about success, money, and productivity need to be boring? Fascinating sources — from COOs, financial pros, and productivity experts to psychologists, journalists, and musicians — are brimming with brilliant advice. Here are the...

Hesitating To File For Divorce? Cover These Four Bases And You’re Ready

Unsure if you’re ready to divorce your spouse? When you are, make sure you check these factors off your list before you do!