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Down With Over-the-Top Engagements

Choreographed flash mobs. Professional videographers. Live broadcasts. Thousands — no, millions — of YouTube hits. To me, these are the makings of an overproduced Super Bowl Halftime Show. Not a marriage proposal. And yet, we’re seeing it more...

4 Things to Consider Before Making a Big Life Leap

Thinking about a “new you” for a new year? Here are four questions you must ask yourself before you make a major change

Small Charities Every Woman Needs to Know

This time of the year, it takes only the thought of a loved one’s face opening a cherished gift to tug at our heartstrings. But that feeling isn’t limited to your immediate family, and it doesn’t need to end with the holiday season. To keep the...

The Smart Way to Give to Charity

We’re giving more these days — but we’re not necessarily being smart about it. Charitable contributions have increased more than 12 percent since the recession ended in 2009, according to Giving USA’s annual report, with the average household...

The Benefits Of Giving Stock Not Cash For The Holidays

There’s always that one family member or friend that is the hardest to shop for during the holidays. Instead of struggling to find the perfect gift, why not give them stock?

Five New Year’s Resolutions Worth Making If You’re Divorcing In 2015

Are you getting divorced this New Year? Try making one of these five resolutions for a happier life in 2015.

Why 2014 Was a Bad Year for Women

The most restrictive abortion laws passed this year

Declutter: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

Stop making excuses and starting cleaning up the clutter. It'll make you feel better and make your living space look better too. Ask yourself these questions and get rid of your items based on your answers. And when we say dispose of your...

Give Meaningful Gifts

Why give a gift card when you can give so much more?

Think Less and Get Paid More

Spend your energy making money, instead of obsessing over it