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Financial Spring Cleaning: 6 Steps For Divorcing Women

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task — especially when it comes to your divorce and finances. But it’s time to take control and follow these steps to successful separate from your spouse.

Do I Need a Financial Advisor and a Divorce Lawyer?

If you’re dealing with the intricacies of a divorce, you might start to wonder: Do I really need a financial advisor if I’m already working with a divorce lawyer? As you move through the divorce process, you will be required to make quite a few...

Do You Fight Over Money?

A joint financial mission statement could solve your problems.

Loans and Marriage: 4 Smart Debt Moves for Couples About to Wed

Before you say your vows, discuss these four key financial situations with your soon-to-be spouse.

To Settle or to Litigate? How the Divorcing Woman Should Decide

Divorce can be dramatic enough already. Find out if you should litigate and file a lawsuit or opt to simply settle.

Divorce Doesn’t Mean Failure

Just because your marriage is over doesn’t mean you’ve failed some how. Find out why your divorce doesn’t equal failure.

A Dater’s Guide to Having the ‘Money Conversation’

Stress-free strategies to help you talk about your finances and money goals with your partner.

Divorce Financial Affidavits: What To Know, And Help To Get It Right

Divorce can be stressful—especially when you don’t have your finances in check. That’s where financial affidavits come in.

How to Create Equality in Your Relationship

Sure, we like flowers and jewelry just fine, but you know what would be really romantic this Valentine’s Day? A truly equal partnership. You know, where each person does his or her fair share of housework and parenting duties, and receives the...