Mind Over Money

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The 4 Most Common Money Blocks

When money is on your mind, it’s important to stay positive and keep things in perspective. Find out the four most common mental obstacles to financial success, as well as how they can be overcome.

Before You Resort to Retail Therapy, Read This

Give yourself a self check-in before you shop to be more mindful of your spending habits.

A Guide to the 5 Money Languages

Find out which money language you’re speaking in order to transform how you handle your finances.

3 Steps to Getting Paid To Do What You Love

Find out how you can start getting paid to do what you love with three easy steps!

The 2-Letter Word You Need to Say More

For the first year after the divorce was final, my auto-response to just about every question that flew out of the mouths of my three sons was “YES!” It was an automatic, rapid-fire and knee-jerk reaction to each and every query. Yes, I will be...

3 Ways to Quit Your Busyness Without Delegation

Take control of your busy schedule with the help of these three tips!

I Don’t Budget and Neither Should You

Reduce your budgeting worries in five simple steps.

How to Survive Career Change Being Single and 30-Something

Are you feeling the pressure of being single and career-driven? Stephanie Licata recommends “Otherhood” to all the chics looking positive career change and life insights.

Think Less and Get Paid More

Spend your energy making money, instead of obsessing over it

26 Books Better Than 'Gone Girl'

Not all women are white, straight, married, or pining. But books with multifaceted, well-developed female characters can be harder to find than companies with women at the top — even including some of our most celebrated novels. When it comes to...