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How to Manage Your Money Like a Pro

Learn the bank accounts you should have to set yourself up for financial success.

How I Found My Portfolio in My Own Wallet

Here’s an easy way to get started with investing.

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Online

Learning doesn’t only have to be done in a classroom. Opting to learn online can benefit your life in more ways than one.

The 6 Factors That Determine Who Gets To Be a Millionaire

We all recognize “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” as not just a popular game show, but also a ridiculous question. The obvious answer to the show’s title is, yes, everyone wants to be a millionaire, but few contestants or audience members can...

How to Boost Your Credit Score

If your credit score is under 700 (the number considered prime), you’re not alone. More than 55 percent of Americans have subprime credit scores, according to the 2015 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard. But low scores don’t have to be permanent. In...

Should You Close a Credit Card Account?

If you’re no longer using a particular credit card, there are financial benefits to keeping it open — as long as it’s free. But if it’s costing you unnecessary fees (or tempting you to spend), make sure to close it correctly or you could hurt...

5 Financial Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Women have unique financial needs from their male counterparts. Find out five common economic mistakes women often make and how to correct them.

Is LASIK Surgery Worth the Money?

I’ve had poor vision since the fifth grade — and it’s steadily and steeply declined ever since. Now I see so poorly that driving after dark is dangerous. After spending hundreds of dollars a year on glasses and contacts, I’m considering LASIK....

How I Stopped Worrying About Money and Learned to Love My Budget

I remember the first time I was introduced to budgeting. It was similar to the first time I met my husband: significant in hindsight but hardly memorable. I was having a conversation with my best friend’s husband. He was a rare person in my life...