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How to Deal with Difficult Clients

9 troublesome types and how to handle each one

Angelique Mannella: A CEO with a Social Mission

Can a smartphone game do more than just entertain you? Angelique Mannella thinks so. As CEO and founder of Montreal-based startup Decode Global, Angelique wants to build mobile games that are not only fun and engaging, but also engineered for...

Turning Water Into Gold

How hint found its place on the grocery shelf -- and in millions of Americans' diets

8 Signs You Need an Assistant

When you’re just launching a business, no one blinks an eye if you’re balancing your own books, cleaning the office bathrooms or taking packages to the post office yourself. But the day will come when you’re going to need some help. Because no...

To-Do List Relief

Is the time saved worth the money spent for a virtual assistant?

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business—at Least, When It Comes to Finances

In every session of the Money Clarity program, we hear the same responses from business owners and freelancer participants when we ask: Have you separated your business and personal bank accounts? "No," so many tell us. But should you? Yes, say...

Turning Your “Personal Brand” Into a Business

With the rise of entrepreneurial powerhouse Marie Forleo and her Digital B School, thousands of women are now building “personal brand” businesses. More than 8,800 entrepreneurs have enrolled in her online business program since she launched...

7 tips for a riveting business pitch

Every business woman needs to nail down her pitch, that 30-second spiel that lays out who you are and what you’re doing—before the listener’s eyes drift toward the window. The perfect pitch explains, tantalizes—and gets you what you want, whether...

The Most Important Task in Business

When you’re an entrepreneur, the to-do list never ends. There are emails from your bookkeeper, hires to make, bugs to fix, clients to call. The constant flow of tasks can be dizzying. When I feel overwhelmed, I have a mantra that I use to center...