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8 Budget Destinations That Don't Feel That Way

Got a travel itch but trying to stick to your budget? As it turns out, there’s often an amazing (and cheaper!) alternative to the pricey destination you’ve been dreaming about.

10 Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill

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4 Surprising Ways to Save Money Online

One big difference between shopping in a store and doing it online is that prices are customizable on the Web. Retailers use special technology to decide when, and whom, to charge more. The good news: Adopting a few simple habits can help you...

8 Travel Apps That Will Save You Money

Spring is prime vacation season (yesss!). But that doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar to travel. There are apps that can help you save on everything from hotels to currency exchanges—they're so efficient, they practically hand you money. Of...

3 Skin-Saving Treatments That Can Save You Money Too

A few years ago, I was writing a story for Vogue magazine on new skincare treatments, when I got the straight dope in hushed tones from a top-rated Manhattan cosmetic surgeon. Only three things actually work, she said: exfoliation, retinol and...

The 3 Most Common Spending Triggers—and How to Beat Them

Does this sound familiar? You feel fried after a long day at work. You stop in the bathroom on your way out of the office, get one look at your sallow complexion, and the next thing you know you’re dropping $100 on “skin-brightening” makeup....

Is it Time to Ditch Your Cell Phone Provider?

You’ve probably seen commercials or driven by billboards for smartphone companies that promise “unlimited text, talk, and data” for considerably less than you’re paying with the big phone companies. Are these deals for real? And even if they are,...