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DailyWorth Connect is a comprehensive marketing service for financial and career professionals.

We carefully screen and select professionals who embody DailyWorth’s mission to strengthen women’s relationship with money. After a thorough review process, qualified members are invited to join the Connect program. Membership fees apply.

Who Is Connect For?

CFAs, CFPs, CPAs, RIAs, lawyers, career strategists, wealth advisors, business and leadership coaches

Organizations seeking to reach women about financial literacy or professional development.


Membership fees include:
Branding & Marketing Support
Our coaching service helps you use content marketing to develop and enhance your existing brand. You’ll get personal feedback and strategic support to build rapport with our readers.

Editorial Support
We’ll pair you with a skilled digital content writing specialist to help you reach your target audience.

Publishing & Amplification
Your articles are published on our site each month and included in our newsletter, which reaches more than 1 million women.

Lead Generation
Your custom-built profile page helps connect readers to your website, social media channels, and services, and it encourages direct inquiries. Readers can directly opt in to your mailing list.

Capture leads and engage with your ideal customer through our twice-monthly learning opportunity emails. Share courses, webinars, and resources with millions of women.

"I have really enjoyed being a part of the Connect program. It’s great to have the opportunity to write about whatever I want to such a large segment of my target market! My writing partner is great and works her magic on my articles. It relieves a lot of pressure to know my writing doesn’t have to be perfect. My mailing list has increased sixfold since I’ve started, due to the increased traffic to my website."

—Addie McHale, CFP®
"Joining DailyWorth was the easiest decision I've ever made! In one fell swoop I got a branding coach, a ghostwriter, an editor, and a whole media team, without leaving my living room or hiring salaried employees! Amanda is a visionary, the DailyWorth team is #1 at being champions of women. There is such delicious synergy between its members and my wealth coaching practice. Every time my articles are featured DailyWorth, my business surges with website visitors and email subscribers. Thanks to DailyWorth's Connect Program, I'm reaching more women, unleashing more freedom, and cultivating more wealth than ever before. Women who are free shall set the world free, and I'm thrilled to be spreading this message together."

—Tina Chen, Wealth Mastery Coach