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How Money Clarity Works

  1. Month 1


  2. Month 2

    Retire When? That's a great question.

  3. Month 3

    Investing Basics the ABCs of CFPs and ETFs, demystified

What Women Are Saying

  • Jennifer Paige Carter

    “This is the BEST investment ever! Money Clarity totally changed my perspective on money and savings. So empowering.”

  • Lena West

    “Participating in Money Clarity had a snowball effect on my life and finances in the best possible way.”

  • Jen Turrell

    “I'd been trying to get my financial house in order for a few years. But I just couldn't seem to pull it all together -- until I joined Money Clarity. The thoughtful and well-presented instruction and the community support made all the difference.”

  • Elizabeth Whelan

    “I didn't even know what an index fund was! I'm now 52, and I'm committed to making all of this work. Thanks to Money Clarity, I am being brought out of my money coma and into life!”

  • Chandi Schreckhise

    “I grew up in a society where the women are submissive. I always felt horrible about myself because I am driven to earn money. It's so nice to know that there are other women who want to get ahold of their finances, too. Thank you!”

  • Charlie Meert

    “Loved it! Money Clarity gave me the motivation to make time to work on my finances, which I've been avoiding for too long. I loved the positive focus on moving forward, rather than dwelling on missed assignments or financial mistakes in the past. No question was too small or seemingly silly to ask. Thank you for this awesome program.”

How Money Clarity Works

When you enroll in the program you will get:

The Money Clarity Workbook

Our workbook walks you step-by-step through the process of getting to the bottom of your money situation.

Instructional emails and videos

In each video, Amanda will help you drill down on one important topic, such as getting your bank accounts in order or deciding how to invest.

A community of support

Optional: Join the private community to get the support and motivation you need to face your fears and celebrate your wins.

During Money Clarity you will:

  • Understand what stands between you and financial control
  • See where your money goes
  • Open the right savings accounts
  • Determine how much you need to spend and save to sustain the life you want
  • Learn about retirement savings and investing options

What you won't find in this program:

  • Guilt, shame or embarrassment
  • Pressure to "keep up"—the course
    is self-paced
  • The sense that you should know
    more than you do or have more than you have
  • The same old boring advice about budgeting, saving, investing
  •! (Sorry guys, ladies only)

We begin again in 2015.


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You help you take control of your money.

Money Clarity was designed by DailyWorth founder Amanda Steinberg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have time to for this program?

    Do you have time to sleep? Eat a healthy meal? Maybe. But as you may enjoy a delicious meal or a comfortable bed, our intent is to give you a joyful money experience. We make your financial life exciting and fun -- otherwise, what's the point of trying something new? You’ll make progress by trying one challenge per month. Ideally you will spend at least two hours a month per challenge. Your financial security and freedom are too important. If you have time to sleep and eat, you have time for Money Clarity.

  • What if I’m in debt?

    Money Clarity can help when you’re in debt. However, if you're in true crisis, Money Clarity isn't designed to give you the support you need. Money Clarity is a educational and motivational program. You will get maximum benefit if you have some income or aspire to earn money on your own. If you're in significant trouble, Money Clarity is not an answer. [link to help?]

  • Is DailyWorth qualified to help me?

    Yes. DailyWorth is a 6-year old personal finance media company with a nationally recognized track record of success and more than 900,000 subscribers. Money Clarity, our flagship offering, was developed by licensed financial advisors and is led by DailyWorth's founder Amanda Steinberg. However, take note: DailyWorth's Money Clarity is an educational product -- DailyWorth is not a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and cannot deliver tailored financial advice. While in our instruction we will mention examples of specific investment solutions or products, they are for educational purposes only. We’re here to facilitate your learning and confidence by building a community setting that leads to positive outcomes. However, there is no guarantee. You are responsible for all of your financial decisions. We are responsible for educating you in a way that helps you make those financial decisions.

  • What do I need to know?

    Ideally, you're comfortable with spreadsheets like MS Excel or Google Docs Spreadsheets. Otherwise, we hope you're open to learning how to use them. Google Docs Spreadsheets is free.

  • I have a financial advisor to manage my investments. Will this course apply to me?

    Maybe. If you’ve maxed out your retirement fund while comparing E*TRADE to Motif to Betterment, then you're ready for Investing Clarity, which we haven't launched yet. However, if you have investments, but don't quite get why you bought them or what kind of account they are in, then you definitely can use Money Clarity.

  • I’m an entrepreneur--will this course help me with my business finances?

    Maybe. Money Clarity focuses exclusively on personal finance. But stay tuned. We'll be launching Earning Clarity soon. Money Clarity still applies.

  • What's your refund policy?

    Your success is our business. That’s why we’re offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with Money Clarity after one month and it’s offerings, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for your first month's refund. No questions asked.

Disclaimer: DailyWorth and Money Clarity are resources designed to assist you in achieving your financial goals. They are for informational, educational and discussion purposes only. While DailyWorth and Money Clarity seek to provide accurate and truthful information, they do not expressly or impliedly warrant or guarantee the accuracy of their postings or the information posted by others.

No reader or program participant should act in reliance on anything discussed, described or stated in these materials. DailyWorth and Money Clarity expressly disclaim any liability resulting from reliance on any information contained in these materials.