The Truth About My Debt

Look for the silver lining My husband and I paid off $30,000 in credit card debt after we were married. What got us, and kept us, in that much debt? A flawed sense of what was normal, i.e. entitlement.

We didn’t walk around feeling “entitled” to anything—not consciously. When we ate out, we ate cheaply. When we bought our first car, it was a $1,200 beater. When we shopped, we shopped the sales.

So the rationale was always, “Well, golly, we’re not living the life of Riley here! Why are we in debt?”

Because we acted as if we should have access to a lifestyle that, no matter how modest it seemed, was still beyond our means.

And to pay back that thirty [email protected]#$% thousand dollars worth of denial, we had to surgically remove all those assumptions: getting a roommate in our tiny two-bedroom; both of us taking on extra work; learning to super save (because you can’t become debt-free without a cushion).

Ultimately shifting your definition of what’s normal is up to you. Try it and watch how fast your financial picture improves. Be honest. What aspect of your spending/lifestyle is out-of-sync with your goals? Photo Source: flapperdoodle’s shop on Etsy

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