Gifts Kids Will Love

Buying for kids packs a surprising amount of stress. If they don’t like what you’ve gotten them, they’ll tell you. Never fear—these gifts are guaranteed to please, and they’re all under $20.

ninjabread men cookie cutter set

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters ($5.49, Perpetual Kid)
Spice up traditional gingerbread man cookies with these Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters. Billed as “cut out for action,” they’ll give Junior the coolest cookies in the cafeteria.

mealtime masterpiece

Mealtime Masterpiece Placemats ($16.49,
Of course kids get bored, sitting around a table full of adults talking about tax reform. Keep little ones occupied with Mealtime Masterpiece Placemats—a gilded, washable frame with 48 paper inserts and a pack of markers.

little passports

Little Passports Subscription (Starts at $10.95 per month)
Cutting back on travel plans? The kids can still enjoy world-traveler status with a Little Passports subscription, including an Explorer Kit (world map, travel passport, stickers), and monthly travel-related surprises.

decorate and bake set

Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set ($19.99, Melissa & Doug)
Little chefs decorate can wooden cupcakes with dry erase markers that look like icing tubes. When they’re done, you’ll have to pretend to eat them, but hey, they’re extremely low-cal

burgers and fries earbuds

Burgers & Fries Earbuds ($9.99, Fred Flare)
The last time you saw this kid, she was in diapers–so it’s disconcerting to see her dancing around with her own iPod. Prove you’re hip, too, and help trick out her iPod with these Burgers & Fries Earbuds.   Kidding around. What’s the hardest thing about buying for kids? Amanda Waas is the creator of the You’re Welcome gift blog.

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