Build Your Savings Muscle

Etsy_Success Comes in A Can, Not A Can't

Photo Source: ParadaCreations’ shop on Etsy

Six weeks ago, we invited you to to save $1,000 in 50 days. It was ambitious, to say the least: $20 a day, or $140 a week—a pipe dream for most of us, even in the best of times.

Yet hundreds of you set up goals on Thousands more made a pledge to save something—and did.

The point isn’t whether you reached the mythical $1,000 goal (most of the DailyWorth team didn’t either, sigh). The point is that starting is always the hardest part of any new habit.

Readers frequently ask us for tips on how to save on groceries, clothes, life in general. But the truth is that saving is a mindset, a muscle that requires training in order for you to build strength—and cash.

No matter how much you saved during this challenge, you won just by starting the process of saving for yourself—and for everything that’s important to you.

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