Your Budget's Best Friend

  • By DailyWorth Team
  • December 26, 2011
amanda's budget Maybe you’re a spreadsheet wonder woman, color-coding like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe you get queasy just glancing at your bank statement (ATM fees—gah).

No matter what, you’ll love our top five budgeting stories of 2011:
amandas budget Yo-yos are a hoot, but a yo-yo budget will snarl your plans. Amanda fixed her problem by opening multiple checking accounts, ensuring she never over-spends again. financial infidelity Financial infidelity plagues many couples—but it doesn’t have to. Here, three smart ways to rebuild your financial intimacy. how much Want to pay down your credit-card debt with lightning speed? Just 50 extra bucks a month can make a big difference. stephanie with kids In the The Money Fix, Season 2, Stephanie—a domestic-violence survivor and newly single mom—inspired readers with her candid story and courageous plan. advice jar We challenged you to wow us with your budgeting prowess, and you blew our minds. Behold our six favorite reader tips. Budget your butt off. Which DailyWorth budgeting story helped you most this year?
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