Earning: The Value of Efficiency

aliceIn a recent conversation with my colleague Alice Hendricks, I learned that her business, Jackson River, earns far more than you’d expect from a 2-year-old consultancy (She asked me not to share numbers, so you have to take my word for it, but she’s earning like a rock star.).

How, you might ask? Her bottom line: efficiency.

Amanda: Your revenue blows past ordinary growth curves. How did you do it?

Ms. Hendricks: Our model is to charge only for services. Our philosophy is that clients should not spend a lot of money on consultants and when they do, it should be really necessary and specifically valuable. Although this seems contrary to achieving high revenues, I am convinced that it is the abundance principle in action. We approach our work with honesty and transparency. We keep our hourly rate low so we are affordable and keep a very tight rein on scope. Also, we are picky about our projects and only take ones that we feel will be successful.

Amanda: That’s a great answer, but I’m not sure it explains your revenue success. Companies that earn ¼ of what you do could say the same thing.

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