Boost Your Money-Making Power

PhiloSophie Believe

You work hard for the money. So hard for it, honey. So we’d better treat you right … and we are, with this round-up of our fave earning stories of 2011:

Lo and behold: “female” skills—like encouraging others and setting achievable goals—translate into big-time profits. It’s time to redefine leadership.

Know your worth? We got psyched by one reader who nailed a raise in a wage freeze.

Ladies, look up. The rules of the job hunt have changed, and it’s time to upgrade your inbox.

In the Money Fix, Season 2, Joanne opened up about her history of under-earning… and blasted to new money-makin’ heights with expert Barbara Stanny’s inspiring yet actionable advice.

So you wanna be your own boss, eh? We believe in you. Just make sure you can handle the promotion. Step 1: listen to Amanda.

Feel the earn. Which DailyWorth stories helped you rock your job this year? What do you want to see from us in 2012?