Contest Winners: Where’s the Money Going?

Gold Medals

Don’t you hate when a contest ends and you have no idea who won?

That’s why, after two months of build-up around the Holiday of Your Dreams sweepstakes, we had to tell you what the five winners did with their $1,000 Target gift cards.

But first we have to share the biggest surprise.

Out of the countless thousands of people who entered the contest, one of the five randomly drawn prize-winners was… Allan. Yes, a guy. What are the odds?!

Hey, life is about having your assumptions radically challenged. So we’re thrilled to congratulate Allan—and all our lucky winners.

They were thrilled beyond words (read their full stories below), and they all shared a similar reaction: “Wow, I’ve never won anything this big before!”

There’s something so gratifying about knowing that you’ve given someone their first big win. Because, if there’s one thing we want for all our DailyWorth members, it’s to help everyone, eventually, enjoy that winning feeling, about money and life.

Happy, merry, peaceful, restful, joyous,

The DailyWorth Team


Read how the Holiday of Your Dreams winners are spendng that wonderfull windfall:

  • Allan: I want to get Christmas presents for my wife, my sister and her son. I think a new PS3 for the house would be great, and a big ham for Christmas dinner is definitely on my list. I’m a retired Navy veteran and an amputee, plus my wife was recently laid off, so this could not have come at a better time.
  • Molly: I’m going to buy quality groceries before the holidays and make dinner for my family. I’m buying my boyfriend an Xbox Kinect, and I’m going to walk around the store and get awesome stocking stuffers that I know my friends and family would never splurge on for themselves. And there may be a few guilt-free impulse buys!
  • Carmen: My company sponsors a school whose students are from underprivileged families, and we received an email about a five-year-old girl complaining of back pain because she was sleeping on the floor. As a new mom, my heart hurts thinking of a little girl without even a bed. My coworkers and I gathered enough donations to fill the apartment!

    I’m using this gift to further that spirit of giving—and stock up on my own formula and diapers, which are a substantial expense for me!

  • Nancy: I’ve thought of a dozen things I’d like to have, but I really need a new vacuum cleaner—mine is running on hope. And I’d like to look at a good new camera for my daughter, since the Pentax I gave her in high school was stolen. I’ll probably shop the sales after the holidays to get the max from your gift!
  • Clio: I plan to buy a few more Christmas gifts for my family, including a doll’s bed for my niece, some new shirts for my dad and the DVD of The Help for my mum. I am also thinking about buying a new vacuum cleaner—not necessarily exciting, but definitely necessary!

Dream big. How are you creating the holiday of your dreams this year?