Stash Your Cash the Right Way

When you nail down the knack of saving in one area, the ripples spread to the rest of your life.

Start here: Yes, saving for the big stuff (retirement, college, a new house) is key. But what about the small stuff? Socking away a few bucks a day means that trendy shag rug can be yours in no time. You’ve seen a million of those Priceline commercials—but thanks to Rick Ingersoll, “The Frugal Travel Guy,” we break down how to really get a swanky hotel room on the cheap. MP Dunleavey, DailyWorth’s editor-in-chief, schools you on your bad financial instincts. And, of course, teaches you how to tame them. Sometimes your thrifty reflexes can do more harm than good. Here’s how to overcome unnecessary spending guilt. As people learned when some banks imposed new fees this year, you’ll get more for your money when you exercise your banking options. Save yourself. Which of our saving stories helped you stash extra cash in 2011?

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