Hang On to Your Cash in 2012

You’re on a quest to become a smarter spender—and we’re right beside you, fighting the battle between wants versus needs, cheap versus frugal, good versus … you know.

In the name of victory (or at least sanity) we’ve rounded up our top five spending stories of 2011:

Need to rein in the spending? Establish a no-spend zone and cut yourself off without feeling deprived everywhere else.

Reined it in too tight? Pro organizer Lisa Zaslow breaks down when to splurge and when to skimp.

Can a credit card really help you spend better? We said yes—if you use it right. (Of course, paying your balance in full each month is ideal. Just sayin’.)

Have you denied yourself some small item that you convinced yourself you didn’t need or deserve? Staff writer Katie Karlson vented about the crappy lamp that nearly drove her nuts.

What does it mean to have money? What can—and should—you do with it? Tara Gentile opens up about her $30,000 income jump.

Spend it like you got it. How have you changed your spending habits over the last year?

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