A Quick Game for a Richer 2012

Glass of Water

Photo Source: nina’s clicks’ photostream on Flickr

Ahhhhhhhhh. It’s do-over time. What’s the best way to put a fresh spin on 2012?

Try the water method, a surprisingly powerful exercise to help you get a grip on your priorities—in five minutes.

You need: 5 cups or glasses + 4 strips of paper

Set up: Fill one glass with water. Line up the other four glasses.

Each glass represents a top priority for 2012: i.e. an area you most want to improve (your spending, your health, etc.).

    • Write each goal on a strip of paper and place it in front of each glass.


    • Take the full glass and pour water into each empty glass based on how much of your time, money and resources you’re currently putting toward those goals.


  • Now redistribute the water. Pour from one glass to the next to reflect how much energy you intend to put toward each goal this year.

The main question to ask yourself now: How will you allocate your money and time in 2012 to best reach your goals?

Refresh. Which habits or priorities do you want to change this year?

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