Greed Can Be Good. Really.

Show Me The Money

When I first launched my coaching business—long before my $30,000 breakthrough—I lived in constant fear of greed.

My mantra was, “Better to get by with less than risk being greedy.” Every time I quoted a project or price, I felt queasy—and greedy.

But when my business took off, my options were either to charge more or go insane. I decided that charging more was better than insanity.

A funny thing happened: Not only was I making more money, I could afford to hire help, expand my business, move beyond strictly DIY options, and (truly) share the wealth on multiple levels.

That’s when I realized that “greed” is a lonely problem! And it’s one that that affects women more than men. Worrying about bringing in “too much” money had kept me isolated, underutilized, and ineffective.

My profit is part of the community’s profit. My growth is part of the community’s growth. My success is part of the community’s success.

When I flipped the switch on that realization, there was no amount of money I wouldn’t earn. Bring it on! I can use it.

Prosper. How will you rewire your definition of “greed” so that you can free yourself to be a steward of more money?

Tara Gentile empowers passion-driven entrepreneurs to find the profit in their work. She is the author of the guide, The Art of Earning. Visit her blog.

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