A Chance to Double Your Savings

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Photo Source: LuckyLion3D’s shop on Etsy

You know you need an emergency stash to cover a crisis (think fire, layoff, root canal).

But if you’re like 25% of Americans—about 75 million people—you’re having trouble getting that cushion together.

Until now.

Save $1,000 with DailyWorth and Mint.com over the next 90 days, and if you’re one of three lucky winners, DailyWorth will match your savings dollar-for-dollar.

Yep. Up to a thousand bucks. In your pocket.

To enter, set up a $1,000 Emergency Fund goal using Mint’s goals feature and send a screenshot to [email protected]. You’ll instantly get 10 entries into the contest. Super easy.

A $1,000 cushion is nothing to sneeze at—it means socking away about $11 a day. But if you’re anything like the thousands of DailyWorth readers who participated in our last savings challenge, we know you can do it.

Set up your goal on Mint.com today, and stay tuned for tips, motivation, and more chances to win!

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