New Rules Make Airfares Clear


Women tend to be the travel agents of the family (among other roles), so when the comparison-shopping game changes, you need to know.

Today, you can say goodbye to misleading ticket prices.

According to new Department of Transportation rules, all mandatory taxes and fees that go into your grand total will now show up in airlines’ fare promotions and search results—moving the “OMG” moment up a few steps.

“At first, you might face a bit of sticker shock, as pricing will seem much higher up front,” says Anne Banas, executive editor of SmarterTravel, a budget travel advice website. “But ultimately, it’ll be easier for you to compare prices across multiple airlines.”

And if you decide you’ve made a huge mistake within 24 hours of buying a ticket? The new rules say you can get your money back, no problem.

Do the math. Do you do most of the travel planning in your household?