What Your Jewelry Says About You

Jewelry Box

Like your favorite suit or power pumps, your choice of jewelry sends a signal about who you are—of course.

But it’s not the cost of your baubles, it’s your style that speaks volumes, says Marlisa Sailer, a consultant with Style for Hire.

So craft your message carefully. If you want to convey…

  • Quiet power (à la Michelle Obama) consider diamond studs and a classic watch. “If you want to let people know you’re also a risk-taker, add a punch of color, with say, a red lizard band,” says Sailer.
  • Trendsetter (Heidi Klum) Use bold colors and shapes to show that you’re edgy. And mixing your metals (gold, silver, bronze) states that you’re not one to follow the pack.
  • Pure glam (Beyoncé) Pick one: plunging necklaces and statement earrings—or layer on bracelets and vintage cocktail rings.
  • No-nonsense (Kate Middleton) be sure to keep your pieces clean and simple. “You can still wear bold items—say, a silver cuff—but they should be understated,” says Sailer.
  • Originality (Zooey Deschanel) Unique or handmade pieces convey your adventurous, out-of-the-box nature. Check out Artfire, Sundance (natch) or Tina Tang

To bedazzle or not: How do you convey power or style?