For Love And Money

MP Dunleavey

Hola, DailyWorth!

Welcome to February and to our new addition: the monthly editor’s letter. From me to you, with news and inspiration.

It’s going to be a love-ly month, and not just because of all the heart-shaped candy lying around.

First, the DailyWorth family is expanding! (No, we didn’t get a puppy.) Allow me to introduce:

  • MoreWorth, a twice-weekly email for our ambitious, executive readers, and
  • CreateWorth, our new email for fierce entrepreneurs. Also twice-weekly, starting today.

Here at DailyWorth, we’re ditching the mid-winter blahs with a focus on how the people we love are woven into our money choices. Some highlights from the coming month:

  • Can friends help you save?
  • Why you need a romance account.
  • Using your heart to rein in that bridezilla wedding budget.

And on the flip side, a serious look at your financial rights in a divorce. (Even Girl Scouts need to be prepared.)

Stay warm, and say hi to your 401k for us,


Chime in: What’s on your mind this month?