A Job You Love by 2013

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Welcome to part four of RESTART 2012, a painless four-part financial scrub-down that will have you in fighting shape before you can say “FICO.”

You’ve audited your accounts, cut the junk, and made saving mindless. Let’s focus on your career and earning power.

You want a better or better-paying job, but how? A promotion, new position, new business?

To make an effective career transition, start your search inside, advises Ron Mitchell, CEO of CareerCore. “Too many people jump right into job hunting, and that’s overwhelming.”

Let’s say you’d love to make senior manager, or switch industries—or downshift to fewer hours.

Make sure that vision fits the context of your life, Mitchell says. Can you handle extra hours, more training, lower pay? Adjust your goal to what’s realistic, he says—which makes it that much more attainable.

Next, pinpoint the moves you’ll make to get there: What skills, experiences, and relationships does this career shift require? Draw a picture, a map, or set up a spreadsheet with clear-cut steps (hint: keep ‘em small).

Last (no eye-rolling—this works!): Look for creative ways to mine your current job to get what you want. The easiest place to start a journey is right where you’re standing.

Work hard for your money. Where do you want to be, this time next year?

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