Raising $ for Medical Musts


Know someone with sky-high healthcare bills? You might. Three million households spend 18% of their incomes on out-of-pocket medical expenses.

It’s an awful burden, on top of a crisis or chronic illness. Now you can help with GiveForward.

How it works
GiveForward is like Kickstarter for medical bills. If you have a friend or relative undergoing expensive treatment, create a web page to tell their story (pro tip: add photos or videos). Include a goal amount—it might be $500, it might be $50,000.

Then publicize! Twitter, Facebook, email—the bigger your social network, the better.

Gettin’ paid
People can donate using credit, debit, or PayPal. At the end of the fundraiser, even if you haven’t reached your goal, your loved one gets the money via check or PayPal.

GiveForward’s fee is 7%—so for every $1,000 you raise, subtract $70. (Could you do it yourself, free? Maybe, but GiveForward handles all the tech and administrative work.)

Open your heart. Have you tried to help someone burdened by medical bills?