A Business Built on Love

Andrea Miller

We talked to Andrea Miller about YourTango, the digital media company she launched in 2008 about love and relationships, now attracting three million unique visitors per month.

What’s the hardest part about entrepreneurship?
As someone who has workaholic tendencies, it’s separating the personal and professional. I rely hugely on yoga and karate to help me stay grounded. Since having my son, I try to get home by 6:15 p.m. and stay tuned into him until he goes to bed (and then save time for my husband). Of course that means I’m replying to emails at 2 a.m!

What’s surprising about growing a business?
The immense sense of ownership and possibility that you get to instill in your team. I am thrilled to be able to empower so much young talent. We’re still relatively small, but we compete with major media brands, like Hearst and Condé Nast. I love to see how passionate my team is, and how they work so feverishly to further YourTango‘s success. It’s incredibly motivating to me!

Mix it up. How do you integrate life, love, and business?

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