A Snack Empire Bears Fruit

Noha Waibsnaider

An interview with Noha Waibsnaider, founder and CEO of Peeled Snacks, sold nationwide in Starbucks, BJs and Duane Reade.

Why did you start Peeled Snacks?

I grew up partly in Argentina and Israel, then moved to the U.S. when microwaved and processed foods were becoming big. I gained so much weight. I’ve spent the last seven years building Peeled Snacks to provide nourishing, convenient snacks. What I know about our food system is motivating me to change the way we eat.

How does having a larger social mission influence your business?

We use our product and packaging to educate consumers on the impact of food on their minds and bodies. Some people say we can’t be organic and competitive, but I believe that our high standards add to the value of our brand—and help us grow. We work with the American Farmland Trust to promote sustainable farms in the U.S.—and even financed one of our mango suppliers in Mexico who is working to build a sustainability zone there.

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World-changing. Does your business have a social mission?