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Are you dying for a new job, a bigger paycheck, a more fulfilling career?

Join the club—really. Starting next week, you could be Livin’ the Dream.

Tell us your story, and you could be one of three DailyWorthers chosen to work with Ramit Sethi, creator/author of the I Will Teach You to be Rich blog and book, who will help you push your career to the next level. 

Which one are you?

    • The Seeker: You’re ready to go, but…you’re not sure what your dream job looks like.


    • The Huntress: You’re on the trail—now it’s all about networking to find the job.


    • The Candidate: You’ve got the interview, and you’ve got to nail it.


Enter here to participate, and in a few weeks, you could be livin’ the dream (and blogging about it)!

Ready! Aim! What’s your next major career move?

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