Make Your Own Luck

MP Dunleavey

I feel lucky this month. Lucky to be editing DailyWorth, fortunate to have readers like you—and excited that “Get Lucky” is the theme for March.

Want to know one of my lucky secrets? Hint: It’s not because I’m Irish.

“Chance favors the prepared mind,” the saying goes. And if you ask me, chance also favors the prepared bank account.

It was only a decade ago that I got off my see-saw budget by learning how to save—and the immediate payoff (besides peace of mind) was that it made me luckier.

Take the time the transmission went in our car. Died. That could have been rotten luck—but with the help of our curveball account, we were fine.

And just last fall, when my family and I moved back to New York City, we got nailed with two parking tickets for the van and our car ($298, total).

Thanks to our savings, we turned a setback into a non-event. Life happens, after all.

I could give you a dozen other examples like that. But we like to keep our emails short ‘n’ spicy. Besides, I want to hear your lucky stories.


Knock wood. Tell us how you make your own financial luck, or plan to.

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