Optimize Your Digital Content

Alexis Neely

You have valuable information you’d like to share with the world—and you’d like to make money from it.


Digitally self-publishing shorter-form content—e.g. ebooks, reports, PDFs, and other products—is not only faster than the old print publishing methods, it enables you to build your audience in a measurable way.


To that end, you want to collect email addresses of anyone who might buy your product. That’s because digital publishing is not just about sales, but about building an audience. 


Two great digital self-publishing options:



    • Publish your own e-book: Write up an article or small manual, and give it away or sell it as a PDF via your website. Or, use a distribution channel such as ChangeThis.com


Either way, hire a designer or use a service like eBookIt.com  to help with design and layout.


Book it. Share your digital publishing experiences.

Alexis Neely has leveraged digital publishing into two multi-million-dollar revenue streams with products aimed at entrepreneurs.