Get More in March

Cari Wira-Dineen

Like you, I want  to feel that my money—and my time—is well-spent. That’s why I love discovering (and sharing!) little gems that make me feel like I’m getting more every day.


I started saving money for my almost-two-year-old daughter’s college education while she was just a bean in my belly. Still, every little bit helps, which is why I’m so psyched about UPromise, the program that helps you save a small percentage of your purchases for college.


You know about the UPromise system—and probably wrote it off (as I did), because you thought you needed to use their card to get the savings. But I just discovered that I can link any credit card to a UPromise account. Not only can I use my trusty AmEx, I’m still getting my regular rewards points to boot.


Now I get 1% to 25% back on everyday purchases from participating stores, online retailers and restaurants funneled into my choice of a high-yield savings or 529 account.  


My friends and family can even register their cards—which will also contribute to my girl’s college savings.


Looking forward to giving you MoreWorth this month,



Plan ahead. What are you doing to save for your kids’ education?