Get More Points in Your Favor

Credit Cards and Bills

Frequent flyer miles. Hotel rewards. Credit card points. The more you have, the more perks you get. To amass as many points as possible, Brian Kelley, a.k.a. The Points Guy, shared some insider tips.

    • Earn while you eat. Register your credit card with an airline or hotel dining rewards program (it’s free), and automatically earn roughly 3 miles every time you spend at a participating restaurant (plus you’ll still get credit card points if you pay with your card). Click here for a list of current programs.
    • Shop with care. Click through shopping portals on your credit card or airline site to get more points per dollar than you would on a store’s site.

      It gets better: Check to learn the current point deal at different retailers, depending on the rewards program you use. It’s a snap: if you search, you’ll see that if you shop through Delta Skymiles, you’ll get two points for every dollar, but AmEx will give three points for every dollar.

    • Manage and track. To stay on top of your loyalty programs, join an online point manager. Kelley uses,a free site that will track your balances and even alert you if your miles are going to expire. Other managers include, and Tripit.

      Add it up. How do you work the points system?

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