Think Now, Save Later

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Tip #3 in the It’s An Emergency! savings challenge is sneaky: 

Avoid having emergencies.

Step 1:
Sit down and have a scary brainstorming session with yourself or your partner. What things could possibly go wrong that you can predict? Think: car, health, septic system, layoffs.

Step 2:
Consider what you can do right now to minimize the disaster quotient if one of those worst-case scenarios comes to pass.

    • Take your car for a tune-up.


    • Do basic maintenance on your home and property.


    • Make yourself valuable to your company.


    • Maintain relationships that could help if you were job hunting.


  • Get that aching tooth x-rayed.

Step 3:
Spend a little to save a lot down the line and focus on your insurance.

    • What doesn’t your health plan cover?


    • Could you afford your deductible in a car accident or health crisis?



  • If a neighbor’s kid is hurt on your property, are you liable?


Lazybones. When was the last time you got an oil change or called your doctor?