Diet Tips that Save Money, Too

MP Dunleavey

In case you needed more evidence of the mysterious connection between dieting and budgeting… I’ve been chatting with friends about some neat DIY food tricks that save calories—and cash.

#1: Why buy overpriced microwave popcorn when you can throw some kernels in a paper bag and zap itCost: pennies.

#2: Peel & freeze a bunch of bananas. When you’re craving soft serve, whirl one up in the blender and top with a spoonful of chocolate chips. Cost: 25¢.

#3:Spare yourself the expense (and fat) of certain fast-food breakfasts by scrambling an egg in a mug, nuking it, and slipping it into a pita. Cost: 50¢, maybe.

#4: Make insta-soup from wilted veggies and a Parmesan rind. Throw in the carcass of a picked-over roasted chicken and Grandma will applaud. Cost: a buck.

#5: Why buy pricey pre-frozen fruit? Just wash, bag, and freeze your own for smoothies, yogurts, muffins, and breads. Cost: priceless!

Cheap tricks. What food moves save you money?