“I Turned Myself into a Risk-Taker”

Dee Poku

Introducing Over Drinks: MoreWorth sits down with top execs you need to know.

Today, Dee Poku, co-founder and CEO of The WIE Network.

A few years ago, I walked away from a high-level marketing position in the film industry—money, glamour, perks—to start my own consulting firm.

Some hard-won wisdom:

I stopped taking setbacks personally. Early on, I sent a pitch to a friend. She didn’t even respond, which was very painful. When I shared this experience with a male colleague, he was perplexed—he told me any rejection just made him more determined to succeed. That was a big turning point for me.

I learned to value myself. I kept undercharging for my work. Then one day, I took a more careful look at the marketplace and started raising my fees more strategically. Soon a big project came along where I knew exactly how much I had to offer, and I asked for a lot more than I’d ever charged before. And I got it. And I nailed it.

Look before you leap. What’s holding you back from going out on your own?

As told to Alison Brower, freelance writer and editorial consultant for Bookish.com, a soon-to-launch social network for book lovers.

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