Save Big on Your Big Day: Buy Used

wedding dresses

Can you think of a better way to spend $25,630 (the price of the average wedding)?

We can—and apparently, so can many other engaged couples, who are saving a bundle by buying used. Take care of your “something old” by shopping here:


    • Ruffled hosts a “recycle your wedding” page where brides can buy & sell just about anything, from napkin rings to bridesmaids dresses.


  • Recycled Bride is a big old wedding bazaar: among the abundant Chinese imports, you’ll find leftover invitation envelopes and gently used bow-ties.


  • OnceWed offers brides the chance to recoup some of their dress investment. It’s not always cheap, but it’s better than retail.

Don’t forget about fellow brides! You’ll find more suggestions (and a bunch of used stuff for sale) on bridal forums like Offbeat Bride.

Twice shy? What would you buy secondhand for your big day?

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