We Put Mobile Tax Apps to the Test


Too glued to your smartphone to sit down and do your taxes? We tried out two free tax filing apps for you:

  • SnapTax by TurboTax
    No kids, real estate, or investment income? SnapTax will help you “magically” file a 1040EZ using a snapshot of your W-2 form(s). The process is fast, simple, and…kind of fun.

    It took eight (8) minutes to scan one W-2, answer a few questions, and file a return. The refund/ tax bill seemed accurate enough, with such a pared-down interface, we recommend being absolutely sure it covers all your bases.

    Federal returns: Free
    State returns: $20
    For iPhone & Android

  • H&R Block at Home 1040EZ
    If SnapTax is the “cool uncle” of smartphone tax return filing, H&R Block is his accountant. The slightly-more-robust interface takes longer to navigate through, but theidiot-proof camera feature almost makes up for it.

    The filing process and refund results were similar to SnapTax’s, but the extra $8 might be worth it if answering more questions about your tax situation makes you feel more secure.

    Federal returns: Free
    State returns: Free through April 17th, $28 thereafter
    For iPhone & Android

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