A 60° Winter Windfall

Heating Costs

You’re so lucky: Depending on what kind of heating fuel you used this winter, you probably saw your bill drop by 5% (for electricity), almost 9% (for propane), and 13% for natural gas.*


But did you snatch up that extra windfall each month?


We have to take some of the blame. We’re always beating a drum about the need to save for emergenciesor set up a curveball fund.


But you need to be prepared for the curveball’s more generous twin sister—the windfall.


You have to be sharp, and keep your fingers ready to click “Transfer” the minute some extra cash wanders into your life. It could be anything: a refund from your mortgage escrow account; a friend pays you back; you win the March Madness office pool.


Seize it, save it—and you’ll really appreciate how lucky you are. Especially when those summer cooling bills kick in.


Random acts of saving. What did you do with your winter windfall?


*Source: U.S. Department of Energy Information, 2012


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