The Elation of Saving

Katie Karlson

When I left my tax guy’s office on March 14, I tweeted that I loved him. I did—in the pure, giddy way that you love someone who tells you that you’ll be $1,500 richer in a week.

The only question: What was I going to do with my refund?

First, I banished all shopping-spree fantasies and vowed to transfer a big chunk into savings. Not an idle promise—a vow. I’m moving this summer, and I’m determined to be prepared.

So when I logged in to my checking account and saw my refund had come, I moved with the speed and agility of Seabiscuit at Pimlico. I immediately set up a $1,000 transfer to savings. It took 10 seconds. I felt victorious.

Then, I felt ambitious.

High on a savings rush, I decided to double my monthly auto-transfer amount while I was at it. I was on a roll. 

And get this: When I told my coworkers, I learned that Jenna (DailyWorth’s managing editor) used her tax refund to pay off a credit card. In full.

Right on. Are you getting a refund? What satisfying move can you make with it?