Key Steps on the Road to Profit

Gatski Metal

Kate Gatski is the co-owner of Gatski Metal. She and her husband make furniture and sculptures with reclaimed materials.

How have you turned your art into a profitable business?
We started in 2003 using holistic resource management, a method of making choices based on how they’ll impact your business, personal life, and the environment. It took us two years to become profitable. In the beginning, we seriously questioned any non-food purchase over $20. The floor of our workshop was dirt, literally. But our intense focus on choices like this helped drive us to profitability.

What’s the hardest thing about running your business?
I think a lot of people, particularly artists, get into trouble because they focus on what’s comfortable—the creative work they know how to do—and don’t plan for what’s to come. Planning is uncomfortable because you have to deal with unknowns: what may or may not happen. But planning takes you where you want to go.

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Make art pay. How are you transitioning from doer to CEO?

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