Should You Hire Your Friends?

Shaking Hands

Justine Lackey made a mistake by hiring a girlfriend. “Working together was the end of our friendship. No sooner had I paid her than she started to miss deadlines and stop returning emails,” says the founder of Good Cents Bookkeeping.

Hiring friends is tempting, but affection can cloud your judgment. You may ignore red flags in their work history, or find that they don’t take to your business-oriented side. 

If you must go down that slippery slope, “identify your needs first, then hire the individual who best meets those needs. Don't just hire someone because your gut tells you they're great,” says Inés Peschiera of Bell & Whistle.

Business coach Tara Gentile recommends keeping it professional by setting a time to regularly evaluate performance, compensation, and expectations. 

That way, she says, you can avoid the dreaded phrase, “We need to talk.”

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