Making the Leap from Doer to Leader

Danielle Paletz

Twelve years ago, Danielle Paletz saw what her boss was doing and thought, “I can do that.” And she did. 

First, she successfully made the leap to founder, launching the staffing recruitment firm iQuestPartners in New York City. Clients now include Estée Lauder and Experian.

Now, Paletz is ready for next steps. “I dream of being a real leader—4xing, maybe 10xing this business.” But how do you gauge when the time is right?

She has three employees and business is booming, with no end in sight for digital growth. On a personal level, her kids are now old enough that she can devote more time to growing the business.

Plus, doing staffing recruitment has taught Paletz the importance of talent: finding people you can trust to manage the day-to-day, freeing you to focus on new areas of growth.

We agree that it’s time. To start, we recommend that Paletz check out our post on business models, and put her dreams down on paper. The right plan could take her anywhere she wants.

Think big. What’s your next step?