Book Review: Mean Moms Rule

Mean Moms Rule

No one is happier than this mom about the hot retro trend, back to the old-fashioned, “sit up straight and eat your peas” style of parenting.


I rejoice with every new sign that so-called helicopter parenting is dying—to wit, the arrival of Denise Schipani’s “Mean Moms Rule: Why Doing the Hard Stuff Now Creates Good Kids Later.”


I could go on about how Schipani’s advice is terse, tart and fun—just like her long-time blog—and you’ll enjoy every minute of the book. All true.


But the best part about “Mean Moms Rule” is that it works. The tip that changed my world and my shopping bill: “Say no, smile, don’t apologize.”


Now that my five-year-old has entered the retail acquisition phase—“Bobby has nine Bay Blades, and I only have ooooone,” he whined recently—I need thicker armor, and Schipani’s wisdom is paying off big time.


She reminds me that being a firm and financially sane parent will help my little guy grow up to be a steady, self-disciplined young man.


“Mean Moms Rule” is a great investment for all parents, whether you fly in helicopters or not.


Mom up. How much could you save by saying no?