A Tool for Wedding Guests on a Budget

Jenna Reed - Bridesmaid

Wedding season is upon us, and my boyfriend and I have been invited to seven this year.


A potential budget crisis? Definitely. But I couldn’t find a good planning tool to help. So I made my own.


I priced out an entire wedding season’s (gulp) worth of travel and gifts, and created a template. 


Good news: You can download it, enter your own numbers, and the formulas will do the rest!


It’s hard to pay for all that revelry at once, so we’re using a credit card with a year of 0% interest to bridge the gap—with a plan to pay it off just as the bank gets giddy about collecting interest. Sorry, guys.


Now that the expenses of the season are organized, I feel in control, rather than overwhelmed. I’ll clink to that! 


Save the rate. What will you shell out for weddings this year?